Empty Shell

with your smile, you charmed me
you told me tales of bravery
but honestly, it’s my naivety
making the bigger fool of me
as you are not, what you appear to be
your honesty, is dishonesty
a way of controlling me
I long to be carefree
as I gaze out to sea
and wonder what will be
without release, you trap me
no kind embrace, no repartee
I am not alone, just lonely
no-one that you’ll let me see
no friends, no opportunity
to ask for help, that I can flee
you took my heart, took all of me
and left me as a shell, empty
I gave you all my love freely
but now know what you do to me
you lousy cur, so cowardly
you don’t deserve to be with me
I whisper it so quietly
I’m scared of you, I’m scared for me

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley

[this is not a poem about me!]

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