Social Media

living vicariously
on timelines
full to the brim
with holidays and
nights out
everything is amazing
positivity spills over
flooding our senses
with disappointment
in our own reality
like the rain that
clouded our summer vacation
… again

truth or lie
obscured, twisted tales
of perfect children
sporting prowess
it’s all incredible
the perfect life
the perfect family
untarnished with no glimmer
of sadness
and regret

fake reality
shared to all
the photographs
suggestive of joy
when you walked
head bowed
tears streamed down your face
the truth authentic
yet isolating
vulnerable, we long to conform
to the false
fabricated identity
on social media

copyright Β© 2018 Karen Horsley

18 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Long before the internet was dreamed of we all painted our personal image in appearance and speech. I remember ‘ Have ago Joe ‘ which had millions of listeners tune in to Wilfred Pickles. Even in those far off days I recall Wilfred’s favorite question to the pensioners he spoke with.
    Would you change anything in your long life ? and they invariably answered not a single thing and the audience clapped loud and clear.
    It’s strange how we hide those skeletons ; and in those days a man was respectable if he wore a suit and tie and many dance halls would not admit you with out a tie. Technology speeds ever onward but human nature is pretty consistent.

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