Worry Tree

I fear the times when I cannot see
the meaning of life in front of me
uncertain of what the future holds
and scared of reacting as it unfolds
I fuss and I fret almost every day
no sense of direction, I’ve lost my way
afraid of the crowds that mill around
wishing I’d disappear into the ground
away from the people, I long to be
in a secret hideout known only to me
away from the noise, all on my own
no disturbance, no ringing phone
or maybe I would grow wings and fly
away from the earth and into the sky
until I alight on the worry tree
a peaceful haven, my sanctuary

copyright © 2018 Karen Horsley

5 thoughts on “Worry Tree

  1. I definitely feel like this some days… The world can be so overwhelming and the pressure can by too much. It is valuable to be able to identify those situations and find a respite, even if it is just in our heads…

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