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A breast cancer diagnosis, aged 42, changed my life in ways I could never have expected

As a cancer survivor living with depression and PTSD, Karen Horsley began writing poetry as a therapeutic way to express her emotions. Her insight and experience coupled with a spirit of positivity enables her to compose poems which bring inspiration and joy.

Karen has already found success with her poems being included in various anthologies and magazines.  She has two published collections of poetry, ‘Kaleidoscopic Beauty’ and ‘I am the Stars in the Sky’ available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. 


“If you’ve ever looked through a kaleidoscope, you know it creates a series of beautiful images.

The same can be said for the poetry in Kaleidoscopic Beauty.”

5 star review

“A wonderful reminder that from life’s greatest challenges can come great beauty.”

5 star review

“The perfect example of the type of magic that poetry can produce.

The whole book is almost like a journey through life.”

Buttercup Review


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